Archer Woods Cemetery

Taken at the Haunted
Archer Woods Cemetery

82nd & Kean Ave
by Edward Shanahan

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Descriptions are below.
* Take a close look at: D - E - G - H & I (caught an Angel).*
I would like to thank Amy for all the effort and time put in.
















Just Added!
Photo of Angel or Spirit at Archer Wood's Cemetery
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Hello Viewers,

This is a 3rd in a series of images and locations I photographed on Sept. 7th 2003. Archer Woods Cemetery is approx.; 3 miles North of Sacred Heart, and about 2 miles Southwest from Resurrection Cemetery.

For the second time, I have asked our Psychic Feeler, Amy to review the images and let us know what she feels from each.

Just click on the image to see the larger photo and what Amy felt.

This location had some effects on me, one area that caused shortage of breath
with something like a pressure on my lungs, also I heard voices as in laughter
from children and adults, even though I was the only living human in the cemetery.

The shame about this cemetery is I see it in a few years looking like Bachelor's Grove, as even now it has turned over headstones throughout the cemetery, left
to lay.

This is the cemetery that visitors have seen the ghostly figure of a woman crying
at the gate, could the reason be why is crying because of the way the cemetery has been left to be?

Happy Hauntings !

Ed Shanahan

The Photos Above

A - Date on entry wall to cemetery.

B - Inside the cemetery, looking at the location near the gates that has been
reported as the location were individuals see a crying women when they are leaving.

C - Burial vaults sitting outside waiting for some use.

D - This is a special photo with a lot of finds in the photo, a dog, face that looks almost 3D and more.

E - Inside an empty personal mausoleum, slowly I approaced it.

F - The empty mausoleum (full outside view of 'E').

G - A lot going on in the area - children are seen.

H - More going on here, dogs appear and more.

I - Another special photo, view up in the center between the trees, an Angel
caught in the image.

J - One of the turned over headstones seen through out the cemetery.

K - Area were I had the breathing problems and heard the voices of muffled children and adults laughing.

L - A forgotten person.

M - N - More views of the cemetery.

O - Final view of the gates, this is the entry of the cemetery.

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