Orbs - Scientists Are Taking Them Seriously
by Edward Shanahan

Let's start this with a quiz:
Who or what has the largest collection of Orb photos?
The answer will follow the link in the article.

It has pretty much been agreed upon by the paranormal
community of Investigators, that being those individuals
who like to be looked at as and feel as they are doing
scientific type of research with the paranormal. It is
pretty much agreed by the paranormal field of
Investigators that Orbs are nothing and have nothing at
all to do with the paranormal or Spirits.

I have always believed Orbs, at least some, could be
something more then dust. The Paranormal community
feels that dust is one of the reasons for what is called
Orbs and they feel that dust is actually what is showing
up in photos and that the Orbs appearing in photos have
nothing to do with the paranormal.

Even though I'm involved in the paranormal field, I'm not
an Investigator and really have not followed the decision
of the majority if my personal internal feelings tell me
something different. My feelings have always told me
that some Orbs are more then just dust, as there has been
locations that I have had groups of people at to experience the paranormal, if the photos filled with Orbs where just dust, we would of been choking on it.

Because of the fact of how the Paranormal community feels about Orbs and I have seen how some people in the
general public get put down for posting photos of Orbs
on the Internet, I've stayed away from posting images
and advise others to also stay away posting images Orbs.

Then by doing research, I came across something of
great interest to me and should be of great interest to the
individuals who feel that the photos they have of Orbs
are something more then just dust.

Scientists are taking Orbs seriously.

When I posted this and also posted that I would have
a Professor who is a Researcher for NASA on my Internet
radio broadcast of The Unexplained World, there where
a few Investigators in the paranormal field that claim
to be working on a scientific level. They were upset
to hear that Scientists are taking Orbs seriously. I thought
this was strange, that science is taking an interest and
many in the paranormal field of Investigations are not
happy with it.

Below you will see the description of the broadcast and
the link to the archived broadcast.

Scientists are taking Orbs seriously.

Dr. Klaus Heinemann, a former research professor at
Stanford University and researcher in materials science
for NASA, the American space agency is our guest this
night and says "There is no doubt in my mind that Orbs
may well be one of the most significant outside of this
reality phenomena mankind at large has ever witnessed".

Scientists and the science world are feeling and looking
at it as a possibility about Orbs being more then what has
been said by the Paranormal Field Investigators.

You can hear the archived broadcast with
Dr. Klaus Heinemann at:
Interview Broadcast with Dr. Klaus Heinemann

Answer to the quiz:
The Vatican (Catholic Church), owns the largest collection of Orb photos (stated by Dr. Heinemann in
the above broadcast).

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