A Special Paranormal Night

All Hallows Eve
When the veil is the thinnest

Saturday Oct 30th, 2010 - 7:00 pm to ?

Explore and Experience
Edward Shanahan, Paranormal Investigators and Historians.

 The Haunted Historic
Tinker Swiss Cottage

411 Kent Street, Rockford, IL 61102

Haunted Tinker Swiss Chalet

A very large beautiful haunted historic building,
along with haunted and spiritual grounds that
surround the cottage and await your visit.

Haunted inside cottage.........

Rose Garden ..area property of Tinker
See short video - Historian paranormal tour of Tinker Swiss Cottage

It is an honor for Edward Shanahan by way of the Directors of the
Historic Tinker Swiss Cottage Museum and the Rockford Public
Library, to be allowed to bring a group of individuals there for a
Paranormal Night on this very special night that is said to be the
night that the veil between the living and the dead is the thinnest,
All Hallows Eve, to explore and experience the documented to be
haunted Tinker Swiss Cottage, it's many rooms plus the haunted
and spiritual grounds. Also all that Edward Shanahan will provide.

Mr. Robert Tinker was the Mayor of Rockford, a successful
business man and a Freemason.

Mr. Tinker built the home in 1865, perching it high on a limestone
bluff overlooking Kent Creek. His inspiration came from an 1862
tour of Europe where he fell in love with the architecture of
Switzerland. Today the Cottage is one of only a handful of Swiss-
style homes remaining in the United States from the 1800s.

A three-story Barn housed cows, chickens and in later years the
family car. On the backside of the Cottage, a suspension bridge
crossed Kent Creek and linked the Cottage with Mrs. Tinker's
property on the far bank.

The Tinker family, the sole occupants of the Swiss Cottage, left
their home and their household belongings to trustees after
seventy-five years of residence. Filled with original furnishings,
artwork, diaries and household items, the Cottage is a rich time
capsule of life a century ago.

The property also has a Native American burial mound, the
original pioneer site of Rockford from 1834. There was a grave
yard for 8 years on the north side of the property (1844- 1852).
The bodies were later moved to a different location.

There has been at least five paranormal investigations in the
past at the location and a film crew that filmed for a documentary
on paranormal research.

Besides Mr. Tinker's wife Mary, there were several nieces and
other relatives that lived and died in the house. The Property has
created many great EVP's and personal paranormal experiences.

On Saturday October 30th, 2010

The Paranormal Night will start at 7pm, all will meet in the
reconstructed 1870 Barn, it is now the gift store and meeting
and banquet room.

They will serve a few refreshments. Edward Shanahan will start
his brief palm and old or young soul readings for all individuals.
The Historians will give the history of the house. They will also
give a history of the spiritualist movement of the time period.

The Historians then will give a tour that includes the cemetery
across the bridge, the indian mound, and then the house. The
Historian will talk about the paranormal activity at the location.

Individuals will then be allowed to explore the location. Bring
your cameras, voice recorders and paranormal tools if you have
any. Dowsing Rods will be provided and a demonstration on how
to use them will be given. The investigation team that works with
Shanahan will assist you during the night.

Shanahan will assist individuals with his abilities and Spirit
feelings throughout the location, both indoors and outside.

Then later all will gather in one of the areas of the building and
Edward Shanahan with his 'Circle of Energy Seance', will attempt
to have the Spirits of the location or those Spirits that may join in,
interact with the individuals who attend this special and unique
paranormal night.

Individuals who join in with the 'Circle of Energy Seance' will be
chosen fairly as done at past Seances by Shanahan. The Spirits of
your loved one's who passed away, will decide who joins in at the

Also on this night, bring an item of a love one who has passed
away (a watch, reading glasses, rings etc. that they wore and
picked up their energy), as Edward will allow the items to be
placed in front of him right before the seance and he will attempt
his Conscious Channeling Psychometry and see who may come
to him.


To Reserve for this Special Paranormal Night

This Paranormal Night - will be only $25 per person

That includes all that Edward Shanahan and the
Historians will provide to you at the location for your
paranormal experience as mentioned above and the only cost paid to reserve your night at this haunted
historic location.

This limited to amount of people participating.

All must reserve in advance.

Either reserve in full or $10 down and the difference
paid on the night of Saturday October 30, 2010


This Is Now Full - Thank You.

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Hear The WGN Radio Broadcast of Chicago Now Radio
in 2010 with Edward Shanahan being an in studio guest.
WGN Radio - May 2010

Edward Shanahan is listed on
City Psychics - Chicago and Haunted America Tours 'Paranormal People'

Edward Shanahan on the TV show 'You and Me This Morning'
Doing his Seance at Haunted Scutt Mansion Oct. 27th / 2009
View it here

Articles about Edward Shanahan:
# 1 Paranormal News Examiner
...# 2 Paranormal News Examiner..
Orland Park Prairie Newspaper.

Read the Oct. 2009 Newspaper article about Edward's Seance at
the Historic Haunted Humphrey House in Orland Pk, IL Click Here

On July 10th 2010 - a haunted historic paranormal night was held at
the haunted Tinker Swiss Cottage with Edward Shanahan. This
video is a small portion of the tour with the Tinker Historian, Steve.
On this video you will hear him talk about some of the history and
the paranormal activity that has happened in the building.

Kathi from the Rockford Library gave the history of the Spiritual
movement in the area and she talks about in this video an experience
an individual had with seeing a spirit on a past tour.

Those attending this night had the freedom to explore and experience
the location after the Historian tour by Steve. Paranormal tools
were provided, from EMF meters to night vision goggles. As with all
paranormal nights at haunted historic locations, Shanahan also
provided readings for individuals and before the Seance. He also did
conscious channeling for individuals who had with them an item of
loved ones who have passed away.

Prairie State Paranormal assisted Edward Shanahan on this
paranormal night and the night finished with a Seance by Shanahan
for all those who attended.

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Chicago land areas famous and historic haunted locations to experience the
possible spirits, paranormal activity and ghosts along with the abilities of Edward Shanahan
psychic, Channeling, Medium work, Seance and a night of Entertainment and paranormal activity.

©2010 Edward L. Shanahan