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A Night In The Mansion
A Haunted Experience

Saturday Oct. 17th, 2009
8pm - Midnight

* You can arrange a private night and date in the mansion for you and your
friends that includes what Ed Shanahan provides below, with a minimum of
just 10 individuals to experience it. Can also provide catering for your night.
See this web page for details or E-mail Edward Shanahan for details

A Night of Spirits
As the veil that separates our world from the Otherworld,
is attempted to be crossed in this haunted victorian mansion.

You Can Explore and Experience
A very special location in the Chicagoland area. A truly haunted
Victorian Mansion. A night that will attempt to take you beyond the veil with the recreation of what was done years back in the victorian mansions, a Seance.

The Haunted Historic
Scutt Mansion in Joliet, IL

Documented by Paranormal Investigators and publications as being haunted.
206 North Broadway Street, Joliet, IL

During The Day
All Hallows Eve Mansion in Joliet
Photo by Scutt Mansion Museum.
An Experience at Night
All Hallows Eve Mansio at Night
Photo by Candy / Kenosha Paranormal

Since it was built in the 1800's - Two past owners have died at the
mansion. At least two documented murders committed inside the
mansion. Two children in the building next door found dead after
a fire and one may be the little girl that at times makes it known that she is there. Spirits tied to the rooms of Victorian Antiques from the furnished basement to the very top floor.

A room lined with just dolls dating back to the 1800's looking at
you as you enter the doll room. The Pipe Organ Dance Room.
ORBs seen in total darkness without flash or lighting and what
you feel from room to room, floor to floor and at times what
individuals see and hear wandering the halls.

In cooperation with the Historic Scutt Mansion's Board of Directors, Edward Shanahan
is honored to be trusted with his Paranormal Spirit Experience Knowledge and individuals
assisting him, to be allowed to enter the Scutt Mansion and bring a limited amount of
'living' individuals along to experience and explore the location at night and attempt 'To
Cross The Veil' between the living and the dead during the recreation of the victorian seance and to provide an entertaining experience. Portions of the proceeds from this
night go to help in the support of this Registered Historic Landmark.

......Haunted Victorian Parlor

Join Us on this A Night In The Mansion
to explore and experience.

The night will end with a Seance as they had in the Victorian
homes of years past, planned for the Doll Room. A room that
many have experienced some of their strongest paranormal experiences.

The Seance will done by Edward Shanahan, as he allows himself
to be channeled. This goes beyond Shanahan's 'Circle Of Energy' that has allowed individuals to experience the Spirits at the mansion in the past and that will be Shanahan's goal during the Seance, to take himself deeper, to allow others to experience the Spirits in the mansion and room, as like in the past that has seen others also connecting with the Spirits during his 'Circle Of Energy'.

Individuals who feel they can handle it, will be invited to sit at the Seance table.

Throughout the night, those assisting Edward at the mansion will
assist you in providing you with information on what they are
experiencing and Shanahan will be assisting you in your ability to
experience. He will also provide entertaining demonstrations of
his ability with manipulation of objects and their energy and allow
others to also try and do it.

Bring an item of a loved one who has passed away, and during
the night Edward will attempt what he has become known for in
the Chicago land area, his Conscious Channeling and he will do
this with some individuals items, and it is done in front of as many
people that would like to watch.

Those he does not get to, he will allow their items from loved ones
who passed away, to be put in front of him on the Seance table,
and that will be a first for him and what may come about from
doing so during the Seance.

A Night In The Mansion
A Haunted Experience

Limited to the amount of 'living individuals' who can participate
in this paranormal, haunting entertaining night experience.

Only $45 per person
You can reserve with 1/2 down and the difference to be paid at
the door on the night of Oct. 17th. Bring your cameras and
paranormal equipment if you have it. Feel free to dress as you
desire on this paranormal night at the Victorian Mansion.

* This is a reserve in advance night *
* This Date is Now Full *
Thank You for your interest!

Have Your Own Private Paranormal Night or
Psychic Party for Just You and Your Friends
in the
Haunted Joliet Scutt Mansion or with .
Senator Humphrey and Family Spirits at the
Humphrey House in Orland Pk. IL ..

* Information on having your own private night at a .....
Haunted Victorian Mansion or Haunted Family Home
of a past Senator, for just you and your friends.
Details at this web page

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Scheduled for this A Night In The Mansion

Edward Shanahan
A Paranormal Spirit
Observer, Medium
and Psychic Reader.

John Stephenson
and his team. Chicago Paranormal Investigators.

A Paranomal Feeler
Christina B.
Those scheduled above to assist Edward Shanahan, can change do to situations beyond their control.

Articles: # 1 Paranormal News Examiner...# 2 Paranormal News Examiner... Orland Park Prairie Newspaper.

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