A Soul's Pre-Life.
by Edward Shanahan

Well it was one of those vivid dream nights again or a message
(you decide). For me it was like being a witness to the creation
of pre-life.

It has been said that before we are any type of life form, like
as being just a soul, we choose our parents, and we choose our
life purpose and what makes us up, like personality, color etc..
Well the vivid dream was that of, I guess you could call it
'a soul', and this soul was descending down what appeared
to be a tunnel of light, but this soul would stop every few
seconds and it was looking at what appeared to be a shelf.

One shelf would have life hardships, and the soul only had
2 seconds to make a choice of what hardships it would choose
before descending down to a life form.

Then it would move onto another shelf below the last, and then
also have a 2 second choice of lets say the type of loves it would
encounter, and this went on through different descending levels
until the soul was conceived by it's chosen parents.

The soul was given many choices on each shelf, but only had
like I said, 2 seconds to decide on the things in life it could
count on for sure, and these things were like it's foundation
for the life it would face and the length of that life. The soul
then only had those things to create a life on and it is up to
that soul, on what degree it would do so.

Also there was something like a message, like the type you
see at the end of a movie (the credits), that explained that
souls even though they had free choice, their whole life was
not mapped out for them, that this was just a foundation to
work with.

Those that did not choose from the shelves (kind of like
not making up their mind on choices or decided not to pick
any thing from the shelves), would not live long or becomes
a miscarriage and at a later time, that soul would be given
another chance to make it's choices.
Take care all.
Edward Shanahan

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