My Circle of Energy - The experience.
by Edward Shanahan

My Circle of Energy - The experience

It came about with a group of over 40 people who first witnessed this
attempt at something I was guided to set out and do that night, it was
spontaneous and it became a creation of mine.

It involves all individuals participating to become the Medium.

That is the fact of it, those present become the Mediums, the ones
who experience the Spirits at a location. I go deep into what I do, to
bring the Spirits about in an attempt to have those at the location
during my Circle of Energy, experience the spirits and become the

My Circle of Energy has been done inside, outside, during the day,
at night, in the woods, cemeteries, both spontaneous and planned.

Out of the individuals present, I will select those I feel and pick up
on, who are sensitive and ask them to be in the circle, if they agree,
I put them in a position of creating the circle with me. The other
individuals are on the outside of the circle and also participate on
experiencing the spirits and are free to photograph, video tape, do
evp recordings etc..

My goal is to have those present experience the Spirits at the
location. I DO NOT stand there (like most Mediums), and tell the
individuals present what is happening, as what kind of experience is
that for those present? and what proof is it, other then my saying so?

Experiences for Individuals / groups have been like -
Being outdoors during the day, in the woods standing over an area
that had some history to it, having gusts of wind coming from the
ground right below our feet and in the center of the Circle. From
tears running from the eyes of some because of the overwhelming
feelings they felt running through them. Orbs being seen with the
naked eye coming down a hillside. Children laughing and drums
being beaten at 1 am in the morning at a cemetery (permission
granted to be there). Individuals being grabbed by the shoulder
or back of the neck. Some individuals being pushed down to a
kneeling position. Those who died at a location, talking to the living.
A skeptic who went running while pulling his wife with him, because
when he turned his head, what he seen looking back at him was a
face floating in the air. When a family asked me to do my Circle of
Energy at a relative of their's grave site, the granite headstone started
to seep water, like tears.

Those are just some of the experiences many have encountered
during my Circle of Energy at locations.

I have been gifted and allowed to provide this experience for those present and deeper I have gone in what I do to bring about the experiences of Spirits at locations with spirit activity. Not to prove
that a place is haunted, but to allow those to know a spirit world
exists, even when their tools confirm it during my Circle of Energy,
it becomes more personal for them.

That pretty much explains it, some ask me "how can they do it or
how is it done?" - the answer is there when all eyes are on me and
my hands are being held in the Circle, that is why it is my Circle of

Happy Hauntings,
Ed Shanahan

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