Chicago Miracle Child

Holy Sepulcher Cemetery - Mary Alice Quinn

From the book - Voices from the Chicago Graves, a book about Chicagoland area Paranormal Locations:

Mary Alice Quinn at a young age was visited by a religious figure. From then on she decided to devote the rest of her young life to religion and Saint Theresa.

It became apparent that she had the power to heal and she used this power on sick people through out the south side of Chicago (reason for the name Miracle Child).
She made it known that even after death she wanted to be able to continue to help people from beyond the grave.

She died tragically at the age of 14. But she was very determined to keep her promise as she appeared to people across the world immediately after her death in 1935 and throughout 1940's.Soon people were visiting her grave site on a daily basis.

There have been documented cases of miracles occurring at the site of the grave. People are overwhelmed even in the dead of winter, with the smell of roses at her grave site.


A tribute to a Spiritual Spirit since 1935 individuals
seeking hope and miracles have come to pray, wish
and ask for a miracle for the sick, children and
loved ones. I am such a person also, the miracle
and more happened. As you look at the photos,
read my article below as it is my tribute to the
Miracle Child - Mary Alice Quinn.

By Edward Shanahan

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Miracle Child Mary Ann Quinn Headstone

Chicago's Miracle Child
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Holy Sepulchre Cemetery - Miracle Child
Another View
Shrine from visitors to Miracle Child
Shrine to Miracle Child

Hello Viewer,

It was Saturday morning, and when I woke up all I did was put on some cloths and headed out at 8:30 am on August 6th, as I was drawn to go this morning to the grave site of Mary Alice Quinn, known to the Paranormal world, but also to the Spiritual and miracle seeking world as Chicago's Miracle Child.

Those who know me, know that I only go to a grave site with camera in hand, if I receive a message to do so. As I'm not an Paranormal Investigator or seek out spirits, ghosts, orbs, evp etc.. for the whim or hobby of it.

I owed her from about 4 years ago, when then I walked the grounds of Holy Sepulcher Cemetery seeking out her site and approached it with my head down, humble and my heart crying out for a miracle for one of God's littlest angels.
I believed - and it was not looking for something on the Paranormal side, but looking for a spiritual miracle then.

The miracle requested and delivered as something Medical Specialist actually called a miracle, my story has been documented in the book 'Voices From The Chicago Graves' about this grave site and my going there and what medically happened.

So on this Saturday morning of August 6th, I again very humble, walked up to the grave of Mary Ann Quinn, with my head down. But this time I was drawn to do something I had never done, it was just a natural reaction - I put my hand on the headstone.. At the area of pinkish hot light seen in the photos above, is where I laid my hand.. I prayed again for God's littlest Angel and also for the Children of the world. I felt my energy drained out of me and then energy enter me again, new energy..

Why was I drawn there again? For the last two weeks before this August 6th date, there was a constant thought to create this tribute page to the Miracle Child - Mary Alice Quinn. And I created this page on the same day of the photos (as I do with any location I'm drawn and meant to go to).

A very spiritual individual, who our Lea has said, "If she talks about the Spirit or Spiritual world, one better listen". Well I showed the spiritual individual the photos, and her comment was that the hot pinkish light is my energy of where I touched the headstone. She also said pay attention to all that is going on in the photos (actual only 4 I took, felt no need for more).

Since about 4 years ago, spiritual I have grown beyond what I expected and have done readings for individuals with items of loved ones who have passed away, doing the readings by feeling the energy the loved one left on the item, it
is a form of communication with the spirit / soul of the passed away love one - This is called Psychometry but on a Spiritual Level (Conscious Channeling).

I have been named a 'Spiritual Observer' as I am not a Paranormal Investigator nor do I really like the word psychic for myself and rather not use it. The name 'Sun Ray' was gifted to me by an American Indian named Amy and her Spirit Guides, do to my spiritual connection she feels and has seen.

With Love of Thanks, I thank you Mary Alice Quinn, and may others find the hope, love, miracles and Peace
that in one way or another you offer.

Edward 'Sun Ray' Shanahan

The Photos:

AA) Even in this photo, some things seem to be showing. This is the headstone of Mary Alice Quinn, it did not have her name on it at first, but individuals seeking miracles and hope did find
her grave site, so her name was eventually added. Also on the back of the headstone are her
relative's names (same last), I figure most likely her parents.

,,B) This is the whole grave site.. The hot pinkish light is where I laid my hand when I first walked up to the headstone. If you also look on the ground, you will see the same color light.. Now look up at my reflection on the headstone and use your mouse pointer to follow down the image to the pinkish light on the ground. The pinkish light / ground is in front of me.

,,C) A little wider view of the site, hotter pink on headstone (was 1st image I took of site), the ground (again follow my reflection with your mouse pointer) and the area around the headstone.

,,D) The shrine of items, love, hope and miracles left by individuals who have visited her site. Also more showing up in the photo.

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