Finding New
Haunted Paranormal Locations

New Haunted Cemeteries
The locations not thought of until now.
by Edward Shanahan

Hello readers,

Ed Shanahan here and what I'm about to discuss came to me as a
message one day as I was driving. It was like something hit me on
the side of my head and said " WAKE UP ED ".

I don't know if it was my intuitive / psychic nature or what, but
there are locations that seems like not many, if any, have thought
of and the locations are basically out there right in our face.

They are the ' road side memorials ' dedicated to those who have
died due to some type of accident at the location. These are
those locations on the side of the road that you pass and may
have a cross set up, maybe photos of the individual(s) that died
at the location or some other type of tribute.

One has to remember most of these are fresh spots or locations,
so the energy of the departed soul and the accident more then
likely still lingers and is fresh. Plus one has to also remember
that the emotional energy of those that set up the memorials
decicated to the love one they lost may keep the spirit there.

The links below where taken by our Yahoo Group member
Yvonne, after I posted the concept in November of 2004.

Goes to show that the idea may be a way of finding new locations.

The Link to recent photos by Yvonne:
I've seen memorial shrines set up along Montrose, Irving Park Road,
even downtown by the lake. Most of these have been taken down
recently, the city usually lets these stay up for a few weeks up to a
couple months. I felt that the neighborhood spirits were there when I took thephotos. More like a "Hey, what are you doin?" kinda of a feeling.By the time I got home, I had such a strong urge to take some photos of my street.

Set of photos by Yvonne

If you should give this a try as Yvonne has, and come up with
interesting photos, feel free to e-mail me them or post them in
our Yahoo Group.

Happy Hauntings.

Ed Shanahan

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