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Above night photos taken July 2008 by David Kump @ Spiritual Location.

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Edward Shanahan writer for National Examiner

Chicago Paranormal and Spiritual

History of Friday The 13th hosted here
Annette & Ed Shanahan

Annette - Host
High Priestess - Reader - Paranormal

Ed Shanahan - 'Sun Ray'
Paranormal - Reader
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Video Broadcasts
Chicago area Haunted Haunted Historic Locations & More.

Haunted Archer Woods Cemetery
Haunted Dream Reapers
Man Haunted by Demons - Interview
Shadow Person on Film?
Psychic Energy Fun
The Unexplained World Video Photo Showcase

The Unexplained World - video powered by Metacafe
Interview of Ed Shanahan by Slim Pictures.

Paranormal Activity During Chicago Seance in
Oct. 2010 - four nights before Halloween.


Kiss FM radio personality Andrew Finnigan joins
Edward Shanahan with his radio crew and guests for
a paranormal night and seance.

The Grime Sisters grave site and haunted murder area. Plus a spontaneous tour of the Chicago land areas Southwest side famous Archer Ave haunted locations.

EVP's taken at Worth, IL Pk. Dist building when
we did a paranormal night there and I also did
my Circle of Energy 10/2008. Thank You Jenn.


The Haunted Historic Mansion in Joliet - Visit our web site
Haunted Historic Locations - tours / experiences

, < , .

New video below of Scutt Mansion, includes Ghost Box
and other findings by LAPS who joined us on this

Telekinesis / Energy Control Demonstration by Ed

Michelle a Feeler - Tours the Haunted Scutt Mansion

Tour of Haunted Scutt Mansion in Joliet, IL - Click here for this week’s top video clips

Native American Healing Waters and other locations.
Oct. 2009 TV Show broadcast of seance at Scutt Mansion

The Unexplained World of the
Paranormal - Ghosts - Haunting's in
the Chicago land area & the Midwest.

Journey into the Paranormal.
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* Our Psychic Fair & Paranormal Photos *
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* Investigation report on 'The Gate' - haunted
location in Libertyville, IL by C.T. Thieme

* Locations to yet be discovered by YOU *
* Bachelor's Grove & 3 other locations - video *

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